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June served a term on the Commission-On-AIDS and for 3 years sat between a Chief of the Sacramento ADAP Section and on the other side the Director of the local office handling all Medi-Cal in Sonoma County. 

June has always had Medi-Medi and ADAP which in Northern California provides excellent healthcare for people with HIV.  June moved from Sonoma County almost 3 years ago to marry Ward Cleaver  What happens on January 1, 2020?  A wise man once said there are no entitlements any funded program can end.  June very much wants to make sure... if the times comes, she can get a policy.

June lives in an amazing city with a population of nearly 3/4 million people who live within the city limits and an additional 1 million (est) visitors every day of the year.  There is a pharmacy on Market St and O'Farrell with 1 pharmacy manager and 3 pharmacy techs.  June only goes once a month but from month 2, they all say, "Hello Mrs. Cleaver".  Today, June picked up the months supply of meds w/no co pay.  June received meds last month during the ADAP cut that was like $5 Million and also during the sequester, her meds were delivered.  The Pharmacy Manager will call June immediately if there are any insurance issues. 

On her way to the pharmacy, June had the top down,(a little trick learned from Shirley Partridge).  Anyway, June passed the Lamborghini dealership on Van Ness Ave.  June remembers a story told of Grace Slick who ordered a pink Lamborghini after the release of Surrealistic Pillow and laments...  We built this city on rock and roll.  Oh to have been a singer instead of a TV mom.

June went online last night to search for a San Francisco based, independent insurance broker who maintains an office and staff and clicked on one in the Financial District and had a window with a link to get a quote.  I gave them my throw away email address, a San Francisco area code with a Sonoma prefix, wards name, age and Zip code.  June got an email addressed to Beaver for his dad, offering a conversation by phone but my problem is worse than this...  Wally and Beaver are not born yet and one will be born a girl.  Wally will most likely be the girl child.  They feel it would be inappropriate to name their daughter, The Beaver.

The rep left an out of state phone number but June will have until October to find one.  Before AIDS, June was in a top management in a company which designed safety programs for the workplace so she worked with a lot of commercial line insurance brokers.  June knew every candidate for State Insurance Commission for 3 election terms from business.  In her google search, she found several interesting and low cost insurance policies for a single male, living in the Castro who is 55 years old.  BCBS had several policies costing a couple hundred to 3 thousand bucks.  If they were as savvy as they hope to be, they and apparently Cigna too have been increasing premiums of their long term insured, people like you and Mr. Cleaver.  It will be an aggressive campaign to grab each others client base.  So anyway, the insurances of the Cleavers are being negotiated by Mrs. Cleaver-  THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE IN 50's TELEVISION... The TV mom in the 50's does not do that stuff! They (BCBS) should entice their existing client base to stay by offering fair rates for a quality service, some refunds because in this economy, the insurance company with the most clients wins.  June is searching for a broker who gets a commission and puts his diligence in his or her work so, there is nothing to do until October on this.   8)  Have the best day



June selected an insurance broker out of the newspaper who will represent the Cleaver family insurance needs.   She has a convenient office, we like her and she handles many personal line insurance products.  I like being a 50's Retro TV wife.   8)  Have the best day

June seems to be a savvy lady and has things under control. :)

June is savvy and in an email from the Human Rights Campaign saying "Marriage Equality Returns in California.  Since June 28th it has been legal for 1950's TV characters to marry each other in California and those marriages are recognized by the federal government.  The Cleavers may now marry and share the best of healthcare resources and raise their family like any other married couple.  If they choose!

June knows if married to Ward, she will retain her SSDI income because her diagnosis is AIDS and her Medicare coverage is for life but would lose Medi-Cal and ADAP support.  Looks like a little insurance will cover that and fortunately... June found their Broker whose office is blocks away.  June does a lot more than flounce around in her fluffy white apron and high heels...   8)  Have the best day

So June, when is the wedding? Now that it is legal there should be no more excuses for the two of you to continue living in sin.  :)


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