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The other TV moms, Harriet Nelson, Shirley Partridge, Mortisha Addams and Roseanne Connor, they all knew from the first time they ever wore a pillow case for a vail that they were going to be married.  They have had their whole lives to plan their weddings but June, formerly known as Jim was packing a chainsaw with his Paw to learn how to fall timber in the Coastal Range. 

June has had 2 weeks for the knowledge that marriage equality has returned to California and is contemplating everything that might mean and the Cleavers have had a long, traditional courtship so first, there will be a romantic proposal.  Being an old fashioned girl, June wishes Ward will propose but knows he will have to do so himself.  June is thinking about hiring a singer with guitar accompaniment to serenade outside the window at bed time (or) building a huge fire on the beach during a full moon, leading with a Buddhist chant which gives the user unstoppable happiness, then calling upon the guardians of the Watchtowers and the Spirit Elements for contact with the Gods and Goddess for their blessing in the Wiccan Tradition (or) Using a case of white 7 day candles to signify a campfire in the Redwoods, June and Ward could be walking hand in hand when they happen upon a welcoming campfire, they stop and from the trees behind 4 singers step from behind different Redwood trees, sing a traditional Native American song promising a long happy life and blessing the marriage.   This is just the proposal...  8)  Have the best day


Well, given the fact that June has had only two short weeks to think about her nuptials, I would say her mind has been quite active along this front.
All of the proposals sound lovely.
Another option would throw a few hints Ward's way. Subtle enough to make it seem like his idea. June is a clever Cleaver.
However it happens, I'm sure it will be a joyful event!

Jeff G:
I'm romantic / pragmatic ... I would use a lawyer with a pen and prenup playing a ukulele . 

Yes, June is the Clever Cleaver and she knows a good lawyer with a ukulele is not enough in a situation like this...  June remembers Lori Partridge played piano and was practicing law in L.A. when the Partridge Family broke up.  There are hopes Lori Partridge will play, "You Can't Always Get what You Want" on the organ, leading to The Bridal March with the USC Trojans Marching Band!   8)  Have the best day

There have been laws blocking the marriage of TV show characters since before TV was invented, while everyone knew a TV Mom was one hell of a tax deduction and pretty good with the credit cards.

When June was a teen and out of high school, she joined the AIR FORCE during the Vietnam War era.  For serving her country, she was given an honorable discharge and the life long right to a Veterans Administration home loan.  This loan was denied once because June's disability income was to small to cover any mortgage payment.

The other day, June ran into a real estate broker on the street and asked about using her VA loan if married to another TV Show Character.  The broker was also a TV Show Character who legally married his TV Show character, the last time TV Show Characters were allowed to marry.  He did not know but referred June to a local lender who specializes in VA home loans.

The home loan lender said he would need a marriage license to prove the couple is married and the DD 214 to show one of the couple is a veteran and guaranteed them a home loan.  He quoted interest rates a full percentage point under conventional loans for a 30 year fixed rate.  The Cleavers were encouraged to apply and verbally pre qualified for a stately riverfront home for entertaining other TV Show Characters.  Without the marriage license neither Ward nor June are qualified to use this loan....  The VA home loan is federal and is being offered to same sex married partners just like they do the opposite sex marriages. 


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