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Well, in my case, I have asthma since I was a child, and, since I am poz, asthma episodes have become more sporadical and less intensive, to the point that, in certain periods of the year I can pass many days, even weeks, without need of using my inhalator (terbutaline). Though, skin dryness and symptoms such as rashes, come and go more often since I'm on meds (by 7 years now). Maybe there are some links between allergic immune response and the fact of being HIV+. But never heard or red studies about this subject. Once, I asked my doc about this, and she said there were not enough informations on this, and seemed to consider these changes as not very important.

That's been my understanding how the immune system may work, when it is compromised.  We've seen some with dire numbers (one member who passed away) say they never get a fever, allergies, etc.  I heard other members say your body may not react to the smaller things, because it is compromised. 

But, of course, you may just be lucky this year.  Luckily, and knock wood, I have been spared bad allergies.  And, Louisville is always near the top for them.  I think it is because we live in the Ohio Valley.  We live in a bowl, kinda.  I think that is why we have more pollution issues, than other cities our size. 

I wish i was lucky with Allergy. Although my CD4 number and CD4% keep climbing now at 621 28%, UD for about 11 months but I end up with Chronic sinusitis that I can't get rid off. I caught a cold from a friend in early Jan developed into a full blow sinusitis. I get to a doctor get prescribe a month long of Augmentin 1G for 1 month then 1 month of Avelox, the mucus was a lot less but not completely gone. Then my ENT decided to perform a sinus surgery because of  blockage in my ethmoid and left maxillary sinus which he said was successful, sadly even after surgery I was on Augmentin for a another 2 weeks. I'm sill have occasional green mucus coming out. So no HIV make it worse, now I'm stuck with untreatable sinusitis for the time been. I also do saline irrigation twice daily that seems to help somehow.  Yep also on nasal steroid and zrytec. 

This has got me wondering whether my recent eczema remission is to do with changes I've made to my skin care or HIV's effect on my immune system. I'll be pissed if its the latter as I can expect it returning once I start medication. I can enjoy it in the meantime though.


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