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Has this happened to anyone else?

* Before HIV: Debilitating seasonal allergies
* After HIV: Like living in a hypoallergenic paradise
Besides the fact that it seems to have happened, is this thing which happened (Did I mention it happened?) even possible?

* Can your immune system be too busy to trifle with false attacks (aka allergies)?
* Maybe elvitegravir and/or cobicistat are powerful anti-histamines. Just in case and by means of this post, I claim 33% of any profits from all relevant future marketing efforts throughout this and any subsequently discovered universes for perpetuity (assuming either is ever approved for use on its own, that is).
Thank you,

PS - Yes, I get all of my health news from NASDAQ.

Jeff G:
I wish HIV had stopped my allergy's , its bad here , real bad . 


--- Quote from: oksikoko on May 02, 2013, 03:35:02 AM ---Can your immune system be too busy to trifle with false attacks (aka allergies)?[/li][/list]

--- End quote ---

You're actually pretty close to my understanding of how allergies work.  And at least in my case the allergies came back with a vengeance after about 2 years.  I notice that when my CD-4 dips to around 400 my allergies disappear but anywhere over about 500 they're as nasty as ever.

Hail Zyrtec!!!!


     I may plant a Sunflower in my nose !

    There is enough stuff clogging my head I am sure a Flower will

    do quite  well  :o


    P.s No pictures to follow  :-X


--- Quote from: weasel on May 02, 2013, 09:50:38 AM ---        P.s No pictures to follow  :-X

--- End quote ---

Thank you for sparing us   ;D


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