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Drug Resistant Gonorrhea Worst than AIDS?

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--- Quote from: Jeff G on May 01, 2013, 12:39:30 PM ---I like the pic of that clap ... I saved it as a wallpaper .

--- End quote ---

It's such a pretty pink isn't it!, I wonder if we can get some fabric with the same pattern, I could make you a lovely T-Shirt from it.

Jan :-*

Miss Philicia:
My case of gonorrhea came from a porn star in 1998.

Jeff G:

--- Quote from: Miss Philicia on May 08, 2013, 05:04:50 PM ---My case of gonorrhea came from a porn star in 1998.

--- End quote ---

Yeah Yeah , you got it mere inches from your tonsils  .

The first time I got the clap, I was a closet case college sophomore. The college infirmary's nurse practitioner looked and acted like Bea Arthur. Quizzed by Nurse Maude on the contact, I made up some cockamamie story about a "girl", "downtown", and the nurse wasn't having it, and named her "Sioux City Sue".

I do fear that super bugs will be a major challenge for everyone, soon enough.  Might not be the superclap.  Maybe those flesh-eating staph bugs.  Maybe the bugs that come in our meat supply, and resistant to all antibiotics.

Jeff G:
My best bud Tim and I met in 3 rd grade , he is gay as well and we came out at the same time , had our first apartment together . We also share our favorite clap story .

We were both summoned to the health dept because somebody listed us both as a sexual contact . Its turns out we didn't have the clap but we did meet two guys and went on a date that night with them . We decided we didn't like them and they eventually didn't like us either because we referred to them at the bars as the gonorrhea guys and health dept hotties .


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