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Drug Resistant Gonorrhea Worst than AIDS?

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I heard Dr. Fauci on the radio today state he disagrees with the comparison of the health impact of the drug resistant gonorrhea to AIDS and says it is misleading.


Jeff G:
I like the pic of that clap ... I saved it as a wallpaper .

I posted this to Reddit:

So far the only response I got was:
"I think I'll pass on this until we see something that isn't from the DailyMail. It's really a sensational rag."

Come on, this is scary stuff.
But wouldn't so called Big Pharma be motived, now, to develop that new class of treatments.  I mean, people are gonna fuck without condoms.  So people will be willing to pay through the nose for a decent treatment.

What is the hold-up on new classes of antibiotics.  Have we finally arrived at the limit of what these molecules can do?  Is there no other idea of some way besides antibiotics?



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