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Miss P Has Nothing On My Toe Problem

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Definitely address this with your doctor.  I had terrible foot fungus problems before getting Valley Fever. (Here's a link)  Now that I'm on high doses of anti-fungals, my feet look great again (I'm ready for sling pumps).  It took a couple of years for the feet to clear up (the nails had to grow out completely).

I think of my gorgeous feet as absolutely the ONLY upside to the whole Valley Fever adventure.  Fungus is nasty stuff!!!

I had/have the same problem with my left big toe.  You should go to a podiatrist and have them either remove the nail and start taking lamisil tablets.  Lamisil tabs have to be taken for about 3 months, you will have to get blood tests and all to make sure your liver is good because they can be rough on your liver.  As the nail grows back it will grow back normal.

There are other options as well like Laser, but I hear its expensive and not covered by insurance.

My yellow toe nail had nothing to do with HIV or immune system, I had this problem way before i became positive doctor said mine is probably from taking showers at the gym without wearing footwear.

had similar problem many many years ago (way before poz)

Lamisil (you need an Rx) did a great job on me. Many doctors do not like to prescribe it, though... it worked wonderes, you could see a perfect progress horizontal line as the mail was growing.

Now, I read a paper (from equatorial country) that skin problems (in genral) are related to CD4/CD8 ratio.

This my be anectodal, but, recentlly, after starting treatment a bit of fungus had appeared under some corners of smaller toes nails. aas the CD4/CD8 went up, the fungus disappeared , even what was under the nails, hte most difficult part to treat, and eventhough my doc did not wan't to put me on LAMISIL. Since you are not under meds I can't see why you could not get a lamisil prescription.

Lamisil is a oral pill not to be mistaken with lamisilate (similar) but topical cream with no effect under neail

hope this helps



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