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Miss P Has Nothing On My Toe Problem

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David whined so much about his jacked up foot.  I'm so much worse off.  Oh, cannot forget about Wolfie's foot.  I think I will require a hot, home nurse over this.  Does this qualify for the support group?  Ok, I'm kidding, obviously.  They both had bad injuries, for those who don't know.  But, this did gross me out a little.  I'm curious how many of you have issues with nail fungus?  Do you think HIV plays a huge role, and is it saying anything about the state of your immune system?  I mowed the hard today.  I noticed my big toenail was looking especially yellow and like something was under the nail.  I pushed on it and this lotion looking stuff came out. 

I use to have beautiful toes and nails.  My nails were smooth and shiny, just like my finger nails.  But, over the last few years, I noticed a yellowish color to the nails.  And, flaky nails.  My right foot is worse than the left.  You can especially see it in the sun.  That is why I rarely go without shoes.  It is embarrassing. 

I was just about to start the Vick's Vapo-Rub therapy.  I've had so many tell me that really works, but you have to do it everyday for several months or even a year.  The nail is loose, so I think I will lose it.  This is the same nail I lost a few years ago.  We were out on the jet skis and I was wearing those water shoes.  I banged my toe on concrete.  It turned black and fell off.

With the yellow color, some were asking whether something was wrong with my immune system, or whether I had diabetes.  I always answered that millions of people, especially men, have fungal issues with their feet.  All the while, I noticed they all had shiny, smooth nails.  I have read HIV can be a big factor.  They say a suppressed immune system has a hard time keeping the fungus in check, just like with other fungal issues with the virus.  Many sites say a fungal infection on your toenails could actually spread into the bloodstream, especially in those with AIDS or diabetes.  On the other hand, this does happen to many neg men.  I do wear shoes almost all day long.  And, I often sleep in my socks.  So, my toes never air out.  So, I've contributed to this.  Is this something to see a doc over?  I've heard others say they just want to prescribe those meds, which don't work all that well and can be hard on the liver.

For those who've had it, have you had success with certain treatments?  Rubbing alcohol?  Vick's?  Lotrimin?  I get cracked corners of my mouth sometimes, which is fungal.  Lotrimin always worked fast on that. 

So here is the pic.  It isn't very attractive.  You can see why I don't like to go barefoot.  You can see that besides being yellow, there is a collection of that goo under the nail.  Every time you think of me, you will now see this ugly toe in your mind.

I had intraconzole oral solution for a year for my full blown OI cause by fungal..all my nails on the right feet started become flakey one year before my DX... Now my nails are all back to normal..


Honey I love you, but this is nothing compared to the multiple surgeries and crippling problems Miss P has overcome.

Not even the fuck close.

Jeff G:
Yellow toe nails can be an indication of serious underling health conditions so I would get it checked out ASAP .   

Tedderz, go see a doctor -- preferably a podiatrist.  I'm sure Miss P can give you a reference. ;)


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