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Hi all,

So I haven't posted in a while (but I've been lurking)---all is well, staying the course working hard as a teacher while also working on my Master's degree....almost my one year anniversary of my diagnosis (May 16).  I was curious though if others had input on a semi-silly issue.  My optometrist insisted that I go on the 1-day disposable contacts as they lessen the risk of infection, which is apparently higher in us pozzies.  (I am UD for over 6 months, CD4 700'ish).  These 1-day contacts are MUCH more expensive than the other disposable contacts that are two-weeks, etc.  Have others found the same request be made of them?  I live in a VERY small town, so I am wondering if she is being overly cautious or if I do really need to be paying extra for these 1-day contacts.     :)  Again, I know it's a silly question, but as a teacher and a grad-student every dollar counts.   :)     


Jeff G:
I wear extended wear lens and have never had a problem even with a lower cd4count than yours . I don't have any information but its my guess that with your good lab numbers you are no more at risk than the next guy .

I have 30 day lens but I do take them out about twice a week for a soak .

My doctor strongly urged me to switch to them as well, long before I was positive.  While more expensive, they tend to lead to fewer infections for anyone.

Ultimately, I went or the lasik surgery and was all the more happy for it and in the long run it was cheaper than disposable contacts.

To be very safe use daily contact lens but for me, I use weekly contact lens and it seems to be ok. A good compromise between expensive daily contact and 2 weeks. Lately I stop wearing them because I'm scare of scratching my cornea and now I'm switch to wearing glasses instead, of course it so much safer and much cheaper than contact.

However, you have to be very diligent in cleaning and never ever wear them overnight. If i felt that my eye is irritated even though the contact i was wearing is less than a week old. I will throw them away immediately and switch to glasses for a week.

I still going to wear contact lens for special occasion though but not daily life.

I wouldn't worry about it. Just clean them, don't sleep in them, and take a day off sometimes. Maybe in spring they might get more irritated.

I'm also thinking of LASIK soon too, as it is much cheaper over the long run and I'm kindof over having to think about contacts and stuff all the time...


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