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Any one going to Rio and want to share a hotel room?

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--- Quote from: WillyWump on May 01, 2013, 10:16:35 PM ---I love your poodle there in your pic JK. He's cute.


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That's Zachary Taylor-Thomas Ferret. He's fluffy.


--- Quote from: Jose G on May 01, 2013, 05:22:35 PM ---Hello Ann,

I don't understand why you changed my original post.
I might not have specified why I am travelling to Rio but I thought I didn't need to since everyone who travels to Rio (at least from this Lipodystrophy & Metabolic Problems board), do it to have their face & butt filled with PMMA.

It was rude to change and "lock" my message since nor I, nor everyone here is going to post such a message because we just want to go on holiday, hello!

The reason of this trip is to go see Dr. Serra for PMMA injections (face & butt), and to find some one to share a room in the mean time.

If you do not want to publish my message is up to you but I am trying to find a solution for my lipoatrophy by finding a roomate to share a room with. If I wanted a trip, I would call my travel agent.
Jose Gomez

This is my original post:

Hi Everyone,

I am planing a trip down to Rio as soon as possible...could be the 3rd week of June for 10 days.
If any one is interested to share a room with me while visiting Dr. Serra for some PMMA treatment is welcome to respond...since Rio's hotel rooms are quite expensive this arrangement could benefit 2 people with the same interest.
I am going via New York down to Rio and could use some good company/make new friends.
Thanks for the feedback.
Jose Gomez

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I didn't lock your original thread - you've just posted in it - I only moved it to a higher traffic forum for you. The "moved thread" notification that appears when a thread is moved is locked by default - it's not the original thread.

I moved your thread for YOUR benefit as more people read the Off Topic forum than the Lipo forum.

If you want, I can move it back to the Lipo forum where very few people will see it. Let me know.



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