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Any one going to Rio and want to share a hotel room?

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--- Quote from: WillyWump on May 01, 2013, 10:16:35 PM ---I love your poodle there in your pic JK. He's cute.


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That's Zachary Taylor-Thomas Ferret. He's fluffy.


--- Quote from: Jose G on May 01, 2013, 05:22:35 PM ---Hello Ann,

I don't understand why you changed my original post.
I might not have specified why I am travelling to Rio but I thought I didn't need to since everyone who travels to Rio (at least from this Lipodystrophy & Metabolic Problems board), do it to have their face & butt filled with PMMA.

It was rude to change and "lock" my message since nor I, nor everyone here is going to post such a message because we just want to go on holiday, hello!

The reason of this trip is to go see Dr. Serra for PMMA injections (face & butt), and to find some one to share a room in the mean time.

If you do not want to publish my message is up to you but I am trying to find a solution for my lipoatrophy by finding a roomate to share a room with. If I wanted a trip, I would call my travel agent.
Jose Gomez

This is my original post:

Hi Everyone,

I am planing a trip down to Rio as soon as possible...could be the 3rd week of June for 10 days.
If any one is interested to share a room with me while visiting Dr. Serra for some PMMA treatment is welcome to respond...since Rio's hotel rooms are quite expensive this arrangement could benefit 2 people with the same interest.
I am going via New York down to Rio and could use some good company/make new friends.
Thanks for the feedback.
Jose Gomez

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I didn't lock your original thread - you've just posted in it - I only moved it to a higher traffic forum for you. The "moved thread" notification that appears when a thread is moved is locked by default - it's not the original thread.

I moved your thread for YOUR benefit as more people read the Off Topic forum than the Lipo forum.

If you want, I can move it back to the Lipo forum where very few people will see it. Let me know.


Jose G:

Hi guys and Happy Holidays,

Is there anybody interested or planning to go see Dr. Marcio Serra this new year 2015?
I am looking to go see Dr. Serra in Rio but don't know how to go about it. I understand it's a hassle to get by in the city and one has to be careful...The more people that go together forming a group, the better and safer it is... If any one has info on how to go about money changing, cheaper hotels, safety, getting from the airport to Dr. Serra...I would greatly appreciated it.
I have contacted Dr. Serra, he is very friendly but he does not provide NO service of this kind...I remember going to see a Dr. in Colombia not long ago and he sent me someone to pick me up at the airport, gave me a cell phone to use during my stay and contacted me with a friend taxi driver to drive me around the city...this is what I mean by GOOD service...After all, we are travelling thousands of miles and providing good business for these doctors, so that's the least they could do...but as I said Dr. Serra does NOT do any of this, so I am trying to find people interested in coming along in summer 2015.

Feel free to contact me.



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