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Almost impossible to close popup ads via iPhone safari


FYi its really difficult to tap the x to close popup egrifta ad via iPhone safari.  I have to keep trying and trying and most every time it opens the add I'm a new windows.   Of I pinch to zoom in the ad is out of view so we are forced to try and tap the tiny tiny x missing it 90% of the time really annoying. 

That is the downside of using mobile devices.  They are great and always getting better, but sometimes they don't work well when on the net.  I have issues replying on the forums, using my phone.  Sometimes, the text field will jump around, especially if you try to correct a word or go back and add something in a previous sentence.  So many times, the cursor refuses to go where you're pointing.  And, sometimes the letters will be right on top of each other, when you're typing them.

I sometimes have issues with my IPad, as well.  With it, it is mostly being unable to play video on some sites. 


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