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Hey everyone,

after only observing for a couple of weeks, i feel like it is time to jump in and introduce myself. As you can see from my handle, I'm not a swede, yet I'm currently living in this wonderful but cold country. Here is also where my story with HIV starts...

Back in December i began having quite severe stomach problems, which my doctor attributed to stress and not eating right (curious, because people in Sweden generally have no stress - at least compared to other countries). For two to three weeks it was really bad, but then it cleared up.

Fast forward to January. While visiting Germany, i had an encounter with a guy that left me slightly uneasy (i was bottoming and he was behaving very strangely towards the end). I wasn't sure if he had the condom on for the entire time and he was evasive. So, good boy that I am (well, maybe I shouldn't call myself a boy anymore at 32), i went to the next emergency room and arranged for PEP. During this they also took a blood sample and sent it off for testing.

About a week later i received a fax with the request to call them about the results (this led to a sleepless night, as the original arrangement was for them to just send the results). Lo and behold - i had tested positive for HIV (ELISA and Western-Blot).

Well, the first two days were a little rough, but then my usual optimism kicked in again and i started researching the little bastard. When i came in for the confirmatory test, I was again a happy puppy and loaded with a lot of information about HIV.

Needless to say that the second test showed the same result. Unfortunately, the doctors refused to take CD4 and viral load counts, citing me being on PEP as the reasons. They asked me to discontinue it and wait a month before getting these tests done.

Due to a lot of traveling and other stresses, I ended up getting my first tests done at the beginning of April. CD4 was 320 (forgot to ask about %), VL at 73000. Next appointment is end of May and then we will discuss starting treatment.

While this whole shit is sometimes certainly a drag (and limits my future options as to where to live), i have maintained a positive outlook on life and I'm happy that my significant other has remained negative.

So, that's my story.


PS: I have a test from mid-2011 that is negative and also very strong indications that i must have remained negative until mid-2012. Is it usual to get that low numbers in such a short amount of time? Or could it be that my numbers are on the rebound after the initial infection?

Hey, welcome to the forums. Sorry about your DX, but there is a lot of good information on here. It seems like you're a smart guy who is dealing with this all pretty well, so good job with that!

In terms of your cd4 count...who knows how high it was before you were infected? maybe your counts hovered in the 500-700 range then, in which case a count in the 300's wouldnt be that drastic of a change. its a shame you didnt get the % because that would tell us a bit more. cd4s can vary by many points from day to day for a number of reasons; sleep; exercise; stress etc. that in addition to not knowing the exact date you seroconverted leaves a lot of variables to consider when trying to determine why your counts are where they are. there is also the fact that after seroconversion a lot of people experience a sudden drop in cd4s that will naturally rebound as their body begins to try fighting the virus. perhaps you are in the "rebound phase"?

hopefully this helped a little? im sure someone much more knowledgable will chime in soon with more to say, but in the mean time just keep researching and hold on to that great attitude! welcome again.


It is good to see that you aren't letting this get you down.

Welcome to the forums,

Welcome Swede ;)

Thanks for sharing your story. I'm sorry this is happening to you, but it seems like you got a good grip on things.

Your numbers aren't terribly bad and it's a good thing you found out about your status now rather than later.

Keep in touch and let us know how the doc's appt goes.


Welcome to the forums, although I am sorry you had to find us.  If I understand you correctly, you don't believe the stomach issues in December had anything to do with HIV infection.  You believe the infection occurred, during sex in January? 

Do you know he removed the condom?  If he did, that is despicable.  Again, welcome and I look forward to hearing more from you. 



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