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Just got my lab work after 1 month on Complera... All I can say is that this medication is absolutely wonderful. I have had barely any side effects and it did it's magic quickly.
My CD4 count went up to 586 and my VL went down to 16.
Things with the boyfriend are still shaky.. I understand being in a newly sero-discordant relationship is difficult; especially for the negative partner.
Thanks to the members who have been kind to me. I have received a few PM's from members and their messages were very heart-felt.

Hi futureRN,

I too have been recently infected and tested and started meds within weeks of seroconversion.... Oh, still trying o learn all the new terms. This forum and people here are so supportive. My partner tested negative and although I had thoughts it would be best to break up when I found out I was positive and he was negative he insisted that wasn't an option. Because of this forum I feel confident we can still lead healthy sex life and for him to stay safe. Couple of days after my test I trae,led overseas and it will be 2 months before I see him and I am sure it will be weird having sex again I am sure it will become natural again. I take my meds twice a day and I am glad I have my meds and hope that I would be UD although it may not be so soon as it wa about 5 million just over a month ago...

Good luck with it all and I am sure you'll do we'll with or without your bf. Stay strong and happy :)


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