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My bf has been tested twice... Came out negative both times.


--- Quote from: futureRN on May 05, 2013, 07:51:27 PM ---My bf has been tested twice... Came out negative both times.

--- End quote ---

make sure to use safer sex practices and y'all should do just fine. There are more and more sero-discordant couples all the time. ;)

Make sure the BF gets tested once or twice a year, just as a precaution. We would all hate for y'all to have any problems; but if (heaven forbid!!) something should happen, you'd find out in time to get proper treatment for him too.

I speak from personal experience. We didn't have my partner test and didn't know he had been infected - not till he was very sick and hospitalized. Just a few days ago on May 1st, I "celebrated" 5 yrs since he died :'( I still feel guilty - daily - for not making him get tested, finding out his status change yrs ago, and getting him treated so he wouldn't die of AIDS.

I sure don't think y'all should freak out about being a poz/neg "magnetic" couple; but I do expect y'all to take the precautions of condoms and testing. ;)

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your partner. My boyfriend and I are doing everything we can to protect himself. I'm having a slip-up with my insurance and getting approved for my Complera. I am going to get him to get truvada to help protect him as well.

He doesn't need Truvada if you have safe sex. And if you are going to be on HAART soon, then you'll be undetectable in due time, and he definitely won't need Truvada.  Unless you want at that time, to go bareback.. And even then, not necessarily.

well eventually we do want to go bareback. Not right now. We will wait until I'm undetectable.


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