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Surgery postponed... dental advice needed.

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Had to cancel surgery (deviated septum) an hour ago because my front tooth (crown/cap?) just broke off. >:( :(

I had a very old (40 years) cap replaced about a year and a half ago and also BOTH teeth were crowned on each side at the same time that are adjacent to (both sides) to the one that just broke.

The dentist mounted the cap on a 40 year old rotted stump it seems.

I could really use advice on how to handle this with my dentist.

I am not a dentist, but it seems to me that he made a poor decision and it would be helpful to here from anyone here who may have better knowledge in the dentalmania world. ???

Timing sucks!!!

I was all psyched up for the surgery.
Now this. :(

Sorry this really isn't too related to hiv but thought to ask here anyway.

ps- I'm just wondering who to contact to find out if he screwed up in his decision to mount a cap/crown (I really don't know the difference) on a bad foundation so that I would have a professional opinion to back up my thoughts.

cranky and tired. ::)

Jeff G:
Hi Mitch , surely you wont have to postpone your surgery too long over a broken tooth ?

Its not unusual for a dentist to place a crown on what little is left of a tooth to work with .
The alternative is an expensive bridge or implant . He may give you a discount on your next bill hopefully .

Miss Philicia:
I'm sure your dentist made an OK decision at the time. Shit happens, Mitchell.

Jeff G:
I have a crown that's on a what I would consider a impossibly little piece if tooth and although I had the crown replaced its been holding up for 20 years .

A few years back I broke a tooth in the very back after they did a root canal and before the crown went on , I asked and he refunded my money and pulled the tooth for free .
I wouldn't have blamed him if he hadn't agreed to the refund , it wasn't his fault the tooth broke .


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