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UK paper reporting Scientists on brink of HIV Cure-

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Uk Daily Telegraph is reporting Scientists on brink of HIV cure....

How true is this.? lets hope it is


Yo its the Danish  Panobinostat study. Results are expected in September. I would not expect too much, in other studies HDAC has failed, but  Panobinostat is  stronger than Zolinza, maybe they have more success. Time will tell.
You can read about HDAC a lot here in different threads.


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How true is this.? lets hope it is

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Basically they are reporting on research that is just starting.  The tag line of the article makes the statement "a cure for HIV within months." 

I think that is a bit deceptive and done to make a headline to get the reader interested in the story. 

The science is sound though, there are a few researchers working on this same strategy using hdac inhibitors to try and flush out viral reservoirs and then prime the immune system using a vaccine to clear the virus.  If it works (which is a BIG IF) its more likely not going to be in months but more like years or even a decade or more. IMHO

Nonetheless it was an interesting article, here here for the Dutch.  I hope they have success in their work.  I really do.


That psychedelic illustration is straight out of The Fantastic Journey.
 I saw this movie so many times on "The 4:30 Movie" that my visualisations of the immune system are still based on this film.

The headline is just plain sensationalism -- for a good summary of the reactivation compounds under research right now, here is a very good paper:

Here is the paragraph from the paper that summarizes Panobinostat, which is mentioned in the article:

Panobinostat has recently displayed considerable potency in reactivating HIV-1 expression in latently infected cell lines and primary resting CD4+ T cells as compared with other HDACi in clinical development.67 In this study, panobinostat reactivated HIV-1 expression at concentrations as low as 832nM well below the levels obtained with oral clinical dosing. Panobinostat is likely one of the most potent pan-HDAC inhibitors in clinical development and as the elimination time of panobinostat is relatively long, prolonged histone hyper acetylation can be observed 7 d after a second dose with this compound.75 This allows for dose reductions or intermittent dosing schedules to diminish the problematic thrombocytopenia seen with all HDAC inhibitors. A clinical trial to investigate the in vivo effect of panobinostat on HIV-1 expression and HIV reservoir size has been initiated by our group at Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark (NCT01680094). This study entails 8 week of cyclic panobinostat therapy with a primary endpoint of change from baseline in cell-associated unspliced HIV-RNA and will also provide a unique opportunity for studying the effect on host immune responses.


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