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Quitting smoking!

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Jeff G:
I'm allergic to cigarettes and they make me sick , they make my head ache and my throat sore and raw , they my clothes and body stink . Cigarettes smelled up the only car I ever bought new but damn it , I still miss them , that's a testament to how addictive they are .

I'm just past 4 months smoke free .

6 weeks without smoking now. I don't miss them!


--- Quote from: phillypinko on July 19, 2013, 11:09:57 PM ---6 weeks without smoking now. I don't miss them!

--- End quote ---

Congrats!  I am at 5 1/2 years smoke free, the man who loves me is 13 years smoke free and what's really hot is when we are walking down the street and one of us says, "I'm glad we don't smoke anymore".  Good luck Pinky, turn Philadelphia smoke free!   8)  Have the best day

I wish I could find a man. For some reason no one is interested in a poor mentally ill HIV positive man on disability....GO FIGURE!!!

Well Philly Pinko, you got me on the mentally ill but I also have has AIDS for many years and am disabled.  In 17 years of AIDS, I have seen the Nine Levels of Hell with many threats.  I used some of the mileage reimbursement I received from doing my volunteer work and bought a 1 year membership at the Dating Site of my choice.

I built my Profile Page w/preference to long term relationship and started my search.  I chose an age range of 20 years who live within 50 miles.  San Francisco was included in that search... There were thousands and thousands of profile pages to look at and save or delete.  I got down to 4 men who were within 10 years of my age who were all wearing jeans and t-shirts, doing ordinary things.  I sent each an email to introduce myself and the one who received the one, "I'm BOLD, BRASH, and OBNOXIOUS IN PUBLIC!... when would you like to meet?  That was 5 years ago and you need to focus on not smoking cigarettes 8)  Have the best day


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