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    I was poking around on the internet and was reading about a new potential treatment for this dreaded curse we carry with in us.  I was wondering if anyone has any other information on this. It seems that they are trying to filter the hiv and hcv from the blood. I believe you need up to 4 hours of treatment every couple of days but if they get it right, we may be able to someday throw our drugs away.  Maybe they can filter my cholesterol and triglycerides to.   lol lol

Funny because I was just thinking about that as a former dyalisis tech I was wondering if they would ever be able to somehow just filter our blood.

I'm 10 months into it, and I damn sure hope they find something SOON!! lol

BUT, I would have thought that someone had already tried something like this?

Well I guess because the lil bugger hides in all the nooks and crannies of our organs it won't come to much!

Hey Longislander,

I am with you on this one. Keep hope alive that they will find a cure.

Make the BEST of each Day!


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