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Joe K:

--- Quote from: mikeyb39 on May 04, 2013, 07:48:47 AM ---Hi all, thanks for the responses.I went to the doctor he did my labs, thyroid and seems like everything else. I mentioned the trazadone and he said that is something I can consider on next visit, but he doesn't want me on Wellbutrin and trazadone at same time. I will need to taper of Wellbutrin first

He thinks lot of mine is stress and work if he had to put a finger on it

--- End quote ---

Hey Mikey,

I'm confused on why you doctor wants you off your Wellbutrin, before he will prescribe Trazadone.  I suffer from depression and anxiety and I've been taking Wellbutrin, Citalopram and Trazadone for years with no issues.  Trazadone serves to help keep you asleep and it has a 4 hour half-life, meaning within 8 hours the drug is pretty well out of your system.  I like it because I don't wake up groggy or feeling hung-over, like I did with sleeping pills.

Unless your doctor has psychiatric training, I would suggest you speak with a psychiatrist and explain your issues and see what they recommend.  It makes no sense to me, to have you drop the Wellbutrin, which I assume you also need, just so you can take Trazadone.  The drugs work fine together and I simply can't understand why you cannot take both.


Miss Philicia:
Have you considered a sleep study to rule out sleep apnea?

Mikey, I agree with Joe about the Wellbutrin and Trazadone.  I've taken both before with no ill effects.  You should, as Joe encouraged, talk with a psychiatrist before going off the Wellbutrin, especially if it has your depression under good control. 


well I'm not being completely honest , my doctor said he would let me try it, but when he told me it could cause priaprism (erections that don't go away), it scared me off.  i Know its a rare side-effect, but i have bad luck with side-effects, i would die if i had to go to the doctor to get that taken care of.

Hey - Mike - Some people have trouble falling asleep and some are early risers. I became an early riser when using Welbutrin.  I'd fall asleep around 11 and wake up about 4:30. Then, like you I'd want to fall asleep around 2:30. My brother had the same experience but he worked in food service and would take a short nap in the afternoon before he left for work.

Are you taking the Welbutrin in the morning or before you go to bed? There are two types: extended release and sustained release. I tried to ascertain which one lasts longer but I couldn't. You might want to check with your Dr. and maybe switch to the one which has the shorter release time.

Think back and try to remember when you started having trouble falling asleep. I know when I've taken antidepressants I prefer the ones that help make me sleep.

I don't think anyone else mentioned this but it could be the culprit.


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