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--- Quote from: killfoile on April 27, 2013, 10:12:29 PM ---Zohar,

You are too fixated on "technical terms" to understand what I am saying.  While it may be technically correct that you are taking a monotherapy, the use of the word, historically has always meant one drug.  The only clarification Betty and I  were trying to make is you may be confusing readers.  This isn't about being right or wrong, it's about being clear in what we tell folks and to suggest that a boosted-monotherpay is not more than one drug, is also incorrect.  As the terminology changes, folks will become aware of new therapies, but until that happens, monotherapy generally refers to a one drug treatment.

I just don't understand your refusal to refer to your regime as a boosted-monotherapy which is technically what it is and no matter the technical name, it still involves two drugs.  Our goal here is to help folks understand treatment options and using confusing terminology helps no one.


--- End quote ---

Doctors, including my own, scientific journals  and respected sites such as AIDSmap all use the term monotherapy in the way that I have so if what you say is accurate (some external references would be useful to support your claims) then perhaps the public have some catching up to do. Also, in my first post that referred to monotherapy, I said it would mean dropping one of his drugs, which would have still left two for anyone who was checking the OPs signature,  as I did, and how I knew that his regimen would be suitable for being converted to monotherapy. I haven't, as you claim, in any posts implied that boosted monotherapy is 'not more that one drug'.

Several posts back you stated that I'm not on monotherapy, and I have now demonstrated - with links  to  my references - that I am. If, as you say, the goal here is to help people understand treatment options then people reading this should now be (more) educated about what monotherapy actually is as opposed to what they think it might be.

I think your sleep may be the cause of the low energy and I highly recommend trazadone.   It gives me 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night...ambien gave me panic could also be depression or anxiety...that is what exhausts me and the crazy bizarre dreams I have on atripla....but next week I'm switching to complera...I hear it is better in terms of the dreams.   

But do ask about puts me out in about 10 minutes...and I was having horrible problems with insomnia.


--- Quote from: mikeyb39 on April 26, 2013, 12:08:20 AM --- i've been taking ambien and it helps me fall asleep, but only for about a few hours then im back up again.

--- End quote ---

Like PAGuy said above,
Have you ever tried trazodone?

Hi all, thanks for the responses.I went to the doctor he did my labs, thyroid and seems like everything else. I mentioned the trazadone and he said that is something I can consider on next visit, but he doesn't want me on Wellbutrin and trazadone at same time. I will need to taper of Wellbutrin first

He thinks lot of mine is stress and work if he had to put a finger on it

I've always had zero energy I sleep all day, I feel tired 24/7 I'm currently not on medications but this no energy feeling sucks. I feel like I have no life and im only 24 years old also I have noticed that i have no interesting in speaking to people and rather be alone i get annoyed and upset quickly and just snap I don't know if its the hovering anger from what happened to me to lead me to this point or its just the depression that I have kept this a secret since 2009 I am a rape victim and currently seeking justice of that person whos currently out ruining every other females life. Sorry off topic but wanted to get it off my chest :-\ :-[


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