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Scared and confused about meds

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I personally wouldn't start treatment until your CD4 is below 500, if it is already then I would start some type of treatment, like a lot of people have been saying they have a lot of different one a day pills out now, the number used to be 300 to start treatment now its 500 and this is coming from a well known hospital in DC, But I started on med Atripla and been on is ever since now with higher cd4 and undect. I take my pill every night at 10pm. I normally wake up about 455am to 545am somedays for work with hardly no effects, also if you have a iphone or smart phone they have certain apps to help set reminders to help you keep track. Pm me if you need anything.

Andy Velez:
Hi Paladin,

Welcome. Yah, we're sorry you need to be here but we're also glad you found your way to this site. You've already received some of the caring and informed advice available here.

First of all, you can take your time making decisions, including about whom to tell and when. Don't feel rushed about that.

As to your health, gradually you're going to learn a lot about how to protect your health. Developing a good working partnership with your doctor is important. You may have lots of questions coming up between appointments. Write them down so that you don't have to depend on your memory when you speak with your doctor. Obviously HIV is very important but with time you are going to see that your life is not only going on, it's also going to continue to be about a lot more than HIV.

And remember, you're always welcome here to discuss anything that's on your mind.


Hey Paladin:

Three days in, you are only just beginning. At times, there is a chance that you may feel uncomfortable emotions and have thoughts the create degrees of fear and anxiety. It is normal. It is normal to panic and go a bit crazy. But trust that time heals. You will pass though them. You will be ok, make it though.

Trust in the words of the guy's advice above. Solid advice.

As the guys above hae said, you have to be comfortable with your treatment. Some say you should start on Meds as soon as diagnosed, others say to wait until your CD4 count falls below a certain number. I was hospitalized with several opportunistic infections and a CD<10. I started on Norvir, Truvada and Prezista and three years later it is working for me. It costs me more a month in a deductible versus a single pill treatment but I gladly pay it..


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