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High SGOT and SGPT levels

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Hello all,

Just went and had blood work done yesterday and getting some results back.  My SGOT level is 482 and my SGPT is at 207! and my Alkaline Phosphatase is low at 43.

Anyone have these high numbers before?  I'll expecting a call from the doctor I would think.

Those are high.

Have you been exposed to hepatitis, A,B,C?
Have you been vaccinated against A/B?

You should start by being screened for Hep then if those are neg look for other causes.

If your taking any over the counter herbs or supplements you should stop.

Call your doctor, even if you don't get a call from them.

I was vaccinated in 2011 for A and B and C just came back negative. 

Been reading what I find is based on those numbers I am have severe hepatotoxicity.  :(

I'll be calling the doctor in the morning.

I did speak with doctor today.  He is having stop all other supplements and we are doing more blood work next week.  Hopefully we can figure out what is causing elevated liver levels.

I thought I update this to say liver valves back to normal. 


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