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Starting new job!!

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Agree with what others have posted.

And, congratulations on your new job!

A friend of mine has been on Atripla for many years. He used to take it at night and had similar side effects. His doctor suggested to take the pill right in between lunch and dinner. The side effects completely disappeared for him.
But everyone is different. It worked out well for him. Just wanted to share.
Good luck with your new job.

Jeff G:
I would suggest that anyone who wants to try to take Atripla during waking hours to do on your day off . I have heard of people taking in the daytime but personally I couldn't imagine doing that . 

Hey y'all the job is going great I'm still taking the meds at night and its going well I get up at 6 in the morning but right now it seems to be working out thank God

Good luck with your new job, I'm starting mine soon too. :)


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