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Starting new job!!

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Hey all I just started Atripla a week ago and it's been great except for the slight buzz I get for 15-30 minutes and when I wake up I feel dizzy and kinda drunk but I start a new job soon that I have to be up REALLY early for so is there anything that would make this morning feeling not happen? Should I try taking it at an earlier time? Suggestions would be a life and job saver

make sure that you don't have a big dinner and take the pill when your stomach is  empty usually 2 hrs after dinner. 

Jeff G:
If the side effect doesn't subsist in a few weeks I would discuss a med change with my doctor .

The "high" isn't that bad it's just a woozy high feeling but I can concentrate and it only lasts like 15-25 minutes it's just in the morning I feel dizzy and soooo tired I was wondering if there was a specific food or coffee or something that would make the mornings easier

Andy Velez:
Meds can react differently with each person. I agree with the suggestion to discuss this with your doctor. The problem is likely to be one he/she has dealt with previously.

Good luck with the new job. And keep us posted.


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