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Memorial Service Sunday August 11th Information

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I had a call scheduled in to Ryan VanMeter with TPAN "after the 4th", so I called today and we are definately confirmed for August 11th. There was some issue about them moving that he needed to work through, but he advised me today that they will still be in the old building on that day.

Scheduled for 1pm, but can be moved up or down if need be...just let me know.

-Will  ;)

thanks Will! :)


  Thank's  for all your work   Willy


More than glad to help, hope yall have a wonderful time!


2 weeks!!

Who wants to be the group contact for the memorial? *cough* Mike, Mitchellina? Anyone?

I will give that persons name/number to Ryan at TPAN. Also that person can call the morning of to say "we're coming!" or go a few minutes early to set up the room (if you want).

Let me know and PM me your contact info ad I will get it to Ryan.



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