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Gastric Sleeve weight loss surgery and HIV meds


On May 6th 2013 I will be having weight loss surgery and I'm crazed about what to do about my HIV meds. I have a watched a few videos on youtube of people who've had my particular procedure and found out they had to crush their pills to swallow them. Here's the problem all my HIV meds are extended release and cannot be crushed. What to do? My HIV Dr. was of no help and neither was my pharmacists. Np liquid form of any of them. An old friend who's a pharmacist made the comment of possibly a "drug holiday". that scares me to end.   I have been HIV+ for 26 years and clean and sober for 6. I have been through most of the HIV regimens that are out or were out. I'm doing so well on the meds I'm on I don't want to have to change now or risk having to inject my HIV drugs everyday till I die. The weight loss surgery is very important and so is not dying because I messed up my HIV meds. I'm undetectable and have finally got a cd4 count above 500. I dunno what the hell to do.. somebody please read this and reply!!!!  :-[

Hi & welcome'

All I can think off is you attempt to get a second medical opinion from a Doctor who is more engaged with your situation than your present Dr. What about the Dr,s who are doing the surgery ? I presume that the crushing off pills is for a short time only?
Hope you get answers that allow you to make fact based decisions.

Welcome jazij,
 Have you tried other solutions? You say that you're clean & sober. Have you tried OA, diet & exercise? As a long term survivor, I would think long & hard about an extra surgery. Please tell us about the other things that you've considered or tried and ruled out. I agree with Theyer, that at least you need a 2nd opinion.
Hugs, Deibster


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