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Am I risk from handjob? I'm from Japan please helpppp tnk

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Jeff G:

--- Quote from: jkinatl2 on April 23, 2013, 01:04:37 AM ---I also need to caution you NOT to post in any thread but this one. Only approved persons are allowed to give risk assessments. You are encouraged to read the rather important post at the top of this forum that states:


Thanks for your cooperation.

--- End quote ---

Henry , you have been warned before not to start new threads and to only post in this one , do it again and you will be banned . If you look at your profile you can select show own post and it will take you to your thread .

If you read this tread again you will see that your question has already been answered by JK , you didn't have a risk .

If you consistently and correctly use condoms for vaginal and anal sex you will avoid HIV .


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