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Am I risk from handjob? I'm from Japan please helpppp tnk

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Hey every me.. 2 months go I have massage which a girl. Am I Risk hiv if ......                                                                                                                     1: she masturbation me and on my penis have a crack. Sometime she touch her vagina and she touch on my penis which crack. Can I risk???                                         2: my tip penis had touch on her vagina ( out side only, one time one second). Can I Risk from that.?...   Thank you every body.... I'm scare 1 month ... :( :(

There is absolutely NO risk in the scenarios you describe. HIV is a fragile virus and is only sexually transmitted INSIDE the body from unprotected anal and vaginal intercourse.

This was not a risk, even if her fluids touched your penis.


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Re: go got a PEP now..
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Got a PEP now ... You have only 72 hours...don't wast your time......

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I also need to caution you NOT to post in any thread but this one. Only approved persons are allowed to give risk assessments. You are encouraged to read the rather important post at the top of this forum that states:


Thanks for your cooperation.

Tnk jknatl2 I'm understand how is hiv can tranfer..I can sleep tonight... I'm sorry about my post...have a good day jknal2..

When  masturbation her made my penis scratch on shaft penis?                                        1 : did I risk hiv if her hand have vagina fluid and immediately masturbation,rubbing my penis which new scratch.        ????                                                                               2: did I risk hiv if I rubbing my penis which some new scratch on vagina ( not penetration)????   Thank you very much!!


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