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Drug combo: Prezista, Norvir & Truvada.

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Hey everyone I'm on Prezista, Norvir & Truvada.  They are doing wonders for my numbers but however last month I had slightly elevated kidneys.  I was told by my Dr to drink lots of fluids and come in and get retested in 24 hours.  I did that and everything came out okay.  Well however I am having some burning sensation in my left side of stomach area.  Do you think its a warning from my kidneys?  Or is it just possible digestion problem with the antibiotics I'm on?  If so what would I probably switch to for meds?

Hi Jaace,

No, it's doubtful the burning is from Kidneys. However if it continues or gets worse I would call the doc.

Your doctor will monitor you kidneys very closely while on Truvada. I was on Truvada for about a year and my Kidneys function started to decline and I was switched to Prezista/Norvir/Epzicom. It was a very gradual thing and didnt happen over night, and there was no burning.

That being said, it is fairly rare to have to switch off Truvada due to kidney issues, I just happened to be one of the unlucky ones. Just listen to what your doctor says, drink water, etc.. and you will be fine.


WillyWump thank you for replying.  I am still on Bactrim and it could possibly be from that.  It is just a weird feeling and lasts all day.

  Hi  Jaace  ,
                   I am on Prezista, Norvir & Truvada   for ?   Nine months ?
  Not sure when they changed my MEDS from Reyetaz to Prezista .

  I feel good  , No major  GI  issues , no inner organ pains   :)

   I have other pain , But after all these years that is expected .

                                            I hope you are doing well ,


I am doing good.  I just had my latest lab draw today.  So we will see what my kidney panels says.  Its still early enough that if they are still elevated they will be fine.  It would be caught early enough that dialysis wouldn't be needed


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