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An Update

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You're welcome, Clara, and thank you for your kind words.

Regarding Truvada, most people have an excellent response to it. There's no reason to suspect that your partner won't.


Clara zetkin:
 :) Thank you Ann.

Hi Clara,
I have been on truvada since I started meds(2006) and its the only drug I haven't had to switch one that I have tolerated very well with a cd4 count of 900, numbers have climbed slowly but the percentage has climbed steadily. I hope that helps.

Clara zetkin:
Hi Jessy,

yes - it's reassuring. Thanks!

Also, a further update (I was waiting for his complete blood panel results due tomorrow...but given that I am here...):

Results of the TMD test  were ok. He was over 500 (670). Doctor said this was good for a not very experienced patient like him (a very experienced patient need to be over 1000; a naive over 50...He did the test 24h after taking his medications). She nevertheless suggested that perhaps "my" (well Matt's idea :))) to up the darunavir to twice a day could be an option.

Well, well see how his blood test - a complete blood panel  goes and take it from there. (She also did a urine test to check his kidneys as he is on Truvada).

By the way its been 12 months since his last CD4 count not 6 months. He has been over or around 1000 for a few years and the VL is not high...Still, we of course are a little concerned...

Ok - speak again very soon. Thank you for reading and again to all who have replied, even if just to welcome me.


Clara zetkin:
Dear all,

later than said :P but here I am.
Unfortunately, I do not have my 'friend's full blood panel results (nor the results of his urine test) as his doctor was on holiday and I had to call to get his VLs and CD4s levels. I assume there are no major issues, as they usually call if there are and a new month prescription has been issued.

Anyway, I am happy to report that, although his VL was still detectable at 100 something, his CD4 was still over 1000. So his CD4 does not appear to have changed or in any case not to have changed much...
Well see what happens at the next visit in a month time and whether it is worth upping his darunavir dose to twice a day as Matt has suggested.

For now, I wish you all a good weekend.

Thanks for reading.

Speak soon,


ps. I cannot but help reaffirm what a great forum this is....!


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