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Scholarship in Germany with HIV?

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I was awared with a scholarship to study a master in Germany. When I was doing the mandatory tests for the health certificate (a must to make the scholarship award official) I found I was HIV positive... Now I wonder if the scholarship will become null if I send the results. I'm from Central America and asyntomatic

Who asks for the health certificate?  The source of the grant?  German immigration? The German university?

The source of the grant asks for it, in this case, DAAD


Before issuing a residence permit, the foreigners' authorities in some federal states demand that persons entering Germany from certain countries provide a health certificate indicating HIV infection or cases of tuberculosis.

It does not say which German states require this.  It does not say if HIV+ status is disqualifying..  It might be they need to know, but might still give the residence permit. 

IF you want to be honest, and submit a factual health certificate, and if you are afraid it will disqualify you, perhaps you could contact DAAD anonymously to ask the question about whether or not HIV+ status is disqualifying???

If you don't want to risk that, or don't know how to contact, I guess I could give it a try for you....  I'm a professor in Europe so I could just ask them for the info, say I'm inquiring on behalf of a student, and see if I get an answer.  Let me know...

Oh! Would you ask them for me? Please and thank you very much! I'm almost hopeless and don't know what to do. The scholarship is to study in Stuttgart for a period of 24 months starting in this september. Thank you vey much again!


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