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Thank you Jeff and JM for the tips. In honesty, I will try my best to follow them in my best abilities. Unfortunately, the mind doesn’t co-operate always. I am trying to keep myself active as much as I can by doing routine things. 

Yes, I should have introduced myself earlier. I am 28 years old gay man from Boston. Originally from India, I came here 4.5 years ago. My family is still in India. Every since, I have found out about my test I am reading about HIV and came across this helpful resource. As wired up and depressed I get reading things here, I couldn’t help but share my story.

Jmarksto: I am glad to hear that you are in a much better place now.  Keeping hanging there. I do intend to get counseling and attending work groups. We have Fenway health here in Boston which has a good and support LGBT community.

Hi onelife sorry that you are going through this. I myself tested positive 2/21/13  and from Boston also. So its very resent for myself as well, I just want to tell you to hang on that it does get better, its ok to be scared and sad but you will get through this.

I look bad and it has just been 90 days since I found out I was positive.  I read your post and it brings me back to those same feelings that you are having now. 

The one thing that I can remember being told was "you will be okay"  It's true you will be okay.  Things will get better.  I also in the Boston area. 

I have been seeing the doctors at Mass General.

Thank you aaware72 and fer00. I am so glad to you guys are from the area - it somehow gives some mental support.

Although the test results haven't been confirmed but I know what to expect - I had flu in February 2013 and seen white blotches on my tongue. :(

Just to be clear, white blotches on your tongue are in no way an HIV symptom. If you think they might be thrush, you are likely wrong - because thrush hurts like crazy. You would have seen a doctor about it by now, if not gone to an Urgent Care Clinic.

Even though flu-like symptoms are indicative of ARS, please remember that it IS flu season!

I sincerely hope you have received a false positive - but if you have not, PLEASE read our lessons about HIV and it's presentation. If you are recently infected, then rest assured that you have months if not years to decide on treatment. And treatment options abound these days. There is absolutely no logical reason why you won't live a normal, HIV-symptom-free life with current therapies, provided you have access.

I sincerely wish you the best.


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