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Today was the second meeting of the Funding Allocation Working Group.  We began with an exercise to establish which members have which of 4 working styles.  The 4 working styles are:
1. Amiable
2. Expressive
3. Analytical
4. Driver

Only two people in the entire committee finished as Driver Style.  One was the facilitator, the other was me.The driver style worker:

likes firm actions and decisions
likes control
dislikes inaction
prefers maximum freedom to manage self and others
cool independent and competitive with others
low tolerance for feelings, attitudes and the advice of others
works quickly and impressively, alone
has good administrative skills

At the end of the 3 hour session, an Expressive Style worker approached me for a date.  But that is not the real topic today.

This is the first time in the history of the Funding Allocation Working Group that a budget is planned for only 1 year.  HRSA has already awarded our grants for FY 2007.  Having had the opportunity to be in the room during a conference call between 9 Title I EMA's this last week, it seems possible our healthcare and services are going to be seriously cut beginning March 1, 2007.

Funding Allocation will last through most of the summer.  From there I will be working on self reliance programs to help local people living with HIV/AIDS become less dependent on the programs.  Have the best day

Scary stuff Michael  (the funding cuts, not the group exercises). 

Although, come to think of it...

Take care,

Oh John,

The scary stuff is the idea that I have dates!   ;D  Have the best day
(who has been known for being high maintenance)


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