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bleeding during blow job

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Jeff G:

--- Quote from: agp on May 08, 2013, 08:32:40 AM ---Dear Jeff ,

Yes the incident was the one I wrote on April 19th of receiving oral sex with some bleeding no other incident .

So I should take the result as conclusive and move on with my life or still re test after 6 weeks and then 3 months .

--- End quote ---

You are HIV negative so moving on with your life is a good idea . All sexually active people should be having yearly sexual health checkups at least once a year until the time you are in a secure monogamous relationship , so just remember to get your checkups and consistently and correctly use condoms for vaginal or anal sex and you will avoid exposure to the HIV virus .   

Dear Jeff & All Moderators ,

Thank you so much for the replies you have been giving me on all my questions, before coming to this forum I was so scarred reading (Mis) information on other sites, there will be lot of other people who would be looking at my post and the question and answer thread regarding my exposure and result, I would like to tell all of them that this forum has the best Moderators and they all know what they are saying and posting.

Would like to once again thank all the Moderators

Andy Velez:
We're very cautious with our responses. I can tell you withour reservation that in the entire history of the epidemic and no matter what different details get thrown into the mix, there has never been a confirmed case of HIV transmission to a guy through his getting a blowjob. Not one. And it's one of the most common of sexual acts.

So you are worrying needlessly about HIV. Let it go and get on with your life.

Dear Andy ,

I am not worrying , I have full faith in all the moderators and i believe what you people say and write in the forum .

That was what I wrote in my last reply where I thanked all the Moderators for guiding me and everyone in the forums .

I am not worrying at all and this only because of your guidance and replies .

Thank you all so much once again ...I have already put the incident behind me and have moved on with my life .


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