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Hep C test - advice from anyone whose had them??


Not sure this is the right forum to post in, or if its even worth me stressing, but I'm prone to expecting the worst and you guys are unbelievably helpful.

So, I tested poz in November, not sure of current CD4, viral load is loitering irritatingly around 52. Contracted the virus via sexual transmission from my boyfriend, who shared a needle in October.

Recently got another blood test and was told I would need to be tested for Hep C again since the gestation time (or something) had passed, and they now could be sure I was either infected or not. I tested negative for Hep C in November but apparently I could potentially still have it despite that?

So my question is, had anyone gone through something similar - in that they at first tested negative then were found to be either positive or negative 3 months later?

HI Better, I am giving you a bump since your posts seems to have sank to the bottom.

I do not have Hep-C however I did find this information regarding the appearance of Hep-C antibodies on the University of Washington's site. I hope this informatin helps.

--- Quote ---Immune Response to Acute HCV Infection

The immune response to the acute phase of HCV infection includes both humoral and cellular components. Based on the overall immune response, patients either have persistence of viral infection (Figure 5) or clearance of HCV (Figure 6). In most individuals, anti-HCV antibodies appear 7 to 8 weeks after exposure[8]. Antibodies may appear slightly later after transfusion-related infection than after other modes of HCV transmission[5]. Greater than 80%, 90%, and 97% of patients demonstrate anti-HCV by 15 weeks, 5 months, and 6 months, respectively[1].
--- End quote ---

Looks like 6 months is the outer threshold for antibodies. Additionally your doctor should be using ALT (alanine aminotransferase) levels to help determine your diagnosis along with any other symptoms like jaundice. Next time you visit your doctor ask them about your ALT levels.

It was my understanding that Hep C can only be transmitted by sharing needle and a blood exchange between people 

Someone correct me if I am wrong...

"Hepatitis C is passed through contact with contaminated blood most commonly through needles shared during illegal drug use"

Retrieved from:

I know I tested negative in Jan at same time I tested HIV+.  My doctor has not mentioned any follow up test.  Will have to bring this up with him this week at my appointment. 


--- Quote from: aaware72 on April 22, 2013, 10:56:35 AM ---It was my understanding that Hep C can only be transmitted by sharing needle and a blood exchange between people 

Someone correct me if I am wrong...

--- End quote ---

If you are wondering if it can be sexually transmitted.... The current thinking is yes, indeed. MY HIV specialist says it can be sexually transmitted and he has seen some waves of Hep C in gay men in my region....   Also I know from personal experience the "sexual route" as transmission route does NOT have to include obvious blood exchange, such as fisting, etc...   I know little about the details of heterosexual sex transmission routes, however.


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