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I only found out a week ago and this week has been hell for me. I wasn't so worried in the beginning cuz i always knew it's only a kind of disease. but it's getting worse right now as i am concerned how many years that i might be able to live on :( i am glad to see there are many long-term survivors on this site, can you guys provide more realistic information on how many years people usually live on? i am just 21 y/o :( i'll try to start doing some exercise and keeping my body healthy, but..i don't know if the future is really that bright as the doctor said. :( hope someone would help me out :-[

Jeff G:
Hi Elkan , Im one of those LTS and was just a little older than you when I tested positive . I will be 51 in a few days and going strong , as a matter of fact I feel stronger in some ways even after all this time .

Long term survivor or not we all have many things in common and we all had to go through that I just found out hell ... but I can promise it does get better in time .

Welcome to the forum and look forward to hearing more from you .

Thank you, but my qn is still not answered :(
I am new to this community and I barely know people who are infected. My nurse told me it's quite common to live with meds for 20 plus years but I just don't know if that's true. :(
anyways, thank you for your reply.
also hoping to talk to you guys too! it just feels home when talking to someone in the same situation.

Jeff G:
Um ... I have lived 30 years with the virus and many others have too , thought I made that clear . You are going to be ok and have an excellent shot at living a normal life span if you don't get hit by a bus .  ;) .

Hi Elk,

I'm only 5 or so years into this, but your doctor is correct, your life span will be near normal provided you stay adherent to your meds once you are on them. There are plenty of LTS walking around living a happy life, like Jeff.

You need to not worry too much (easier said than done I know) but plan on being around for a long long time.



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