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Cryptic letter from Phildelphia department of public health

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  Very crypic and mysterous letter. It reads,"As a part of an important health matter, a member of the Phildelphia departent of health staff will be contacting you in the next week to ask some questions. If you would rather contact us at a time that is conveniant to you, or you want to provide more up to date contact information please call. We look foward to speaking with you." It is signed by a doctor. I've never received a letter like this before. Have any of you received a letter like this? It doesn't demand I contact them but says I will be contacted. Very strange.

Jeff G:
When I moved back to my home state and applied for Medicaid they made me retest for HIV and then the Health Dept called me and sent a letter to do an interview and contact tracking for any one I may have exposed to the virus .

If you have recently made some changes in you benefits or have been named as a sexual contact by someone that has tested for an STI they will contact you as well .

Miss Philicia:
When I moved to Philadelphia from out of state eight years ago I didn't get any letter from the Dept. of Health. But when you sign up for case management here which I did when I moved the ASO is required to call the DoH and they ask some questions orally over the phone. I can't recall exactly what they were but I don't recall them as anything unusual. I certainly never had to retest to prove I had HIV.

 I talked to my doctor and the department of health. I had a Hep C test a month ago. My doctor skipped the anti-body test. He only did a viral load. Usually doctors do an anti-body test first. If that comes back positive they do a viral load. So the lab assumed I had a prior positive anti-body and reported me to the departmen of health. It was all a mistake. The board of health basically called me to tell me I do not have hep c. Very strange day.

I,ve had stranger

However welcome Pinko and I am glad you got it sorted


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