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I asked this question in "ask the experts' a few years ago. Here was their response:

HIV+ persons with decent CD4 counts (> 350-500) have much the same risk and outcomes for community acquired infections as HIV- persons with some exceptions. There is an increased risk for infections due to Strep pneumonia, herpes zoster, TB and possibly methicillin resistance staph infections and some others. Other infections can pose additional challenges to treat (as compared to HIV- populations) such as hepatitis B or C or human papilloma virus infections. Overall it is remarkable how well HIV+ persons doing well on treatment compare to HIV- matched persons.

Miss Philicia:
That reply you were given, bufguy, only specifically discusses "infections" whereas the OP references specifically the phrase "any health problems".

My point was to show how effective treatment has become in bringing the virus down to undetectable levels and reducing the risk of infections.  Although risk of infection is not the only indicator of good health, it is certainly an important one.

Another indicator of "health" is life span...Recent studies have shown that those with HIV are now approaching the same lifespan of an HIV- person.

I don't think I'd approve the original statement. YellowFever summed up the reasons well.

How about changing the statement to:
''If your viral load is undetectable, then there is a good chance that any health problems you may experience are not related to you being HIV positive.''


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