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never felt more alone hiv+ 2 kids and husband please help

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--- Quote from: phillypinko on April 23, 2013, 12:56:03 AM ---Its probably easier to get pregnant from a one night stand then to contract HIV  ;D

--- End quote ---

Not necessarily. I know of a few women who ended up poz from only one incident of unprotected intercourse with a poz man. It happens.

Lowgiemama, hopefully this hasn't happened to you. You need to be aware that false positive results can and do happen. Pregnancy can cause them, as can underlying autoimmune disease. Sometimes they just happen.

Please update us as soon as your confirmatory results come through. Good luck!


Hello..I am new here but was wondering what were the results?

Yes it is very possible to get infected after 1 encounter, I am living proof of that...they say the odds are like winning the jackpot but there is always a winner somewhere.  Let us know what the results were.  Did you end up telling your husband and kids or refrain


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