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hi there,
6 days ago i had sex with a viet woman whom i meet in the pub which hiv status was unknown to me at the point of time, i bring her down to the hotel and had sex with her.(paid sex)

She wash me up with soap and water, then wash her self with just only water, i had lick her clit for about less then a min and then she start to lick my penis over the tip of it. she then help me with the condom that i bought of the hotel counter.

she started to ride me for awhile and out of sudden my penis flaccid a little and slip out of her vagina(Could the condom have also slip out from my penis? and is it possible after i try insert it to her vagina and the condom went back on to my penis?)

(Condom was still on) after that i lay her on the bed and start to have missionary with her and i notice that there is shrend/piece/skin/cell of menstrual blood over at her lower abdominal/pelvic area but i still continue to have sex with her cause i was very drunk at the point, could menstrual blood or hiv get in from the base of the condom while having sex? as i am Uncircumcised

i did ask about her menstruation after every thing and she told me it was 3 day ago  that she started her menstruation and the menstrual have stop

i also do get some blood on my hand while i try to insert my penis while doing the missionary position, and blood stain were over the bed sheet where i press down both my palm, after finish i cum in the condom in her vagina, and i draw it out immediately while holding on to the base of the condom

Holding on to the menstrual blood condom(hand with menstrual blood) i went to wash with water while the condom was still on but only near the area of the penis head but not near the base of the condom(what if the menstrual blood or water get in from the base of the condom with out me knowing? what are the hiv risk)

after washing i carefully pull out the condom and flush it of the toilet bowl

after sex i feel that the skin of my penis and my anal is itchy and for about 2 day. could it be cause of hiv trying to infect?. then to stop the itch, i use neak dettol to wash my penis and anal, and now i am having some kind of infection on my penis skin (red painful and tear skin) and also some small dot of tear skin notice on my penis head... could this be due to hiv or STD? or its due to the neak of the dettol that burn my skin?

btw there are fresh skin abrasion, a patch of skin tear about the size of a thump in between the testicals and anal (maybe on the day itself where i had the sex encounter) could the menstrual blood drip to the location of the abrasion and could this post a very high risk?

so what are my risk assessment for all this?

seriously im very very sick worry... please help

thanks a million

Andy Velez:
Johm, the most important fact in your story is that you were using a condom for intercourse. And that the head of your penis remained covered. Unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse are the only confirmed risks for the sexual transmission of HIV.

None of the other details such as the possible presence of menstrual blood, getting it on your hand, etc., are risks for HIV transmission.

I don't see any cause for concern nor any need for testing. However, one red flag in all of your story is that you were having casual sex when you had been drinking heavily. That is something you should avoid in the future because it can put you in a position to not stay awake to safer sex issues. This time you're ok because you did wear a condom throughout. 

Dear andy velez,

Thanks for the promptly reply of yours.
as stated in my encounter non of the scenario mention in my first thread put me at risk? Im really worry as there are fresh abrasion of thump size skin tear in between my anal and testicles. Would the menstrual blood with significant amount of viral load drip on the abrasion area n infected me?

Jeff G:
Hi Johm . As Andy told said , there is no cause for you to be concerned . HIV is transmitted sexually within the confines of the human body during penetrative sex .

Once the virus leave the confines of the body its instantly rendered unable to infect by small changes in temperature , pH levels and exposure to oxygen . HIV is a fragile virus so you need not worry about exposure outside of penetrative sex .

As long as you are using condoms for vaginal or anal sex you will avoid HIV , its really that simple . 

Sorry I have another question. I think im having thrush on my penis and in between my testicle n anal
Some yellow stuffs is appearing over night im going to see doctor later

Could the hiv be pass over from the female at the same time where she pass over the thrush to me?


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