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Explosions At Boston Marathon

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3 different law enforcement groups interviewing a suspect known to be dangerous, and who just admitted a triple murder, and yet he had a knife?

Its not very clear where this interrogation was taking place?  Wouldn't he have been searched for weapons??? 

So we have a confession, but its not signed, and he's dead now.  Confession further indicts the older brother as an evil doer.  I don't know, but I do wonder, who benefits from this development?

This whole story is filled with surprises. 

Conspiracy theories aside, the chechnyan hoods do seem like an especially fucked up pathological lot.


As I suspected, the guy was unarmed....  Not that anyone seems to be following this story anymore. 

I don't really believe in conspiracies... Its surely just the disappointing reality that police work is human, iffy, mistake prone.   

Still, don't understand how they riddled that boat with what sounded like 1000s of shots.  And the brother was unarmed.  And why was it weeks before the news about the confession scrawled on the walls of the boat?


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