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Explosions At Boston Marathon

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Joe K:
Sometimes, I am simply unable to fathom the utter evil that would permit someone to do such a thing.  It is simply too painful for words.  Utter, unspeakable evil.


Truly unspeakable evil.

An 8 year old boy among the reported dead. As a father my heart is aching.

My thoughts and prayers out to all affected.


Such sad news.It makes me angry many people injured and loss of life for no valid reason.


Terrible, saddening news. Really angers me. Watching the explosion video footage was really painful.

Over here, we are getting reports of marathon runners who crossed the finishing line and then ran on to the Massachusetts General Hospital to donate blood. I'm reminded of the people of Newtown, CT who in the aftermath of their own unspeakable tragedy simply said "we choose love". What has happened among you shows us the worst of humanity; and the selfless actions of those who responded shows us its best.

I wish I could find words that don't sound like platitudes; from this small corner of the world, however, all I can do is express my profound sorrow at what has happened, and choose love. For what it's worth, my care and thoughts are with you today.


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