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Explosions At Boston Marathon

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this saddens me to no end
i was having a great day enjoying the weather when i began hearing this horrible news :(
whats wrong with people ?

You can see spectators took most of the hit.  Officials are reporting amputations.  At least 2 dead, with over 20 injured.  My good friend was in the race.  I talked to him this morning, as he was getting there.

I have been trying to reach him, but haven't been able to make contact.  As it appears most of the injured were spectators, I assume he is ok, but just hasn't made it back to his phone.  I'm seeing the blood-stained sidewalk, and they accidentally showed someone badly mangled.  This is the friend, who made the graph about marriage equality polls vs interracial marriage equality polls, that I recently posted here. 

Another explosion occurred at the JFK Library, but authorities were unsure if the incidents were linked.

No shit Sherlock.  linked.


Miss Philicia:
Actually it was wise to say that might not be linked because now it seems (per CNN via Boston Globe) it was a mechanical room fire at the library that just happened to occur an hour or so after the bombs.


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