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After months of waiting, I finally got results today.  My primary care Physician wasn't going to test me again until 6 months.  In the meantime I had an incredibly bad & painful fungal infection in my 'undercarriage'.  So, I took the Home Access test & sent it out yesterday by FedEx.  The counselor on the phone told me the results were positive.  I asked her how they were tested & if confirmatory tests were required.  She told me for all tests reported as 'positive' 2 ELISAs are performed, if those are reactive the sample is sent for an IFA test.  If all 3 agree it is positive & confirmed.  Can't say I wasn't expecting this.  I have an appointment with the Family Doc on Monday.  Haven't had a drink since November, but I'm having one tonight.

Given your testing history, this is going to turn out to be a false positive result. They happen.

Unless you've had an incident of unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse since the incident in November that you've been testing over - for which you have already tested conclusively hiv negative.

Until you've had the results of your confirmatory tests back, do NOT post outside this thread here in Just Tested or your thread in Am I Infected.


Thanks for the encouragement Ann, & I'm hoping that's the case.  I haven't had any further exposures.  I only tested again because of the fungal infection, never had one before in my life, and the pain in my groin/testicles getting worse, A LOT worse.  I am seeing the Doc Monday, and a specialist on Wednesday.  I will stay put until something comes back from one of them.  That will be 3-4 weeks from now however, because of travel for my work.  In an effort to maintain some sanity I did the Oraquick swab again today, still just one big dark line by the 'C'.  I'm not scared anymore, just confused & really, really frustrated. 

So, I saw the specialist this week & he chastised me for testing outside of my PCPs recommendation.  He did have approximately a gallon of blood taken from me however, and scheduled me to come in to go over the results when I return from traveling.  I'm pretty sure he did that to keep me from freaking out over a voicemail from his office.  He has me starting a 6 week course of doxycycline as soon as I finish my current 10 day course of amoxicillin the PCP prescribed for a nasty sinus/throat infection.

 My anxiety got the better of me before I left & I tested again at the ASO (Oraquick) which was negative.  I explained everything to the counsellor there, and he was confused & didn't have much to offer as far as insight goes.  I did the same thing with Home Access, which was also negative this time.  Both tests taken on the same day 149 days past 'exposure'.  The Home Access counsellor was confused as well, but told me that for this sample, the IFA was not necessary, it was ELISA negative & no antibodies were found.  He told me I was "Definitely negative". 

So, I've spent over $1k on testing so far and it's got me nowhere.  Two days after I stopped the treatment for the fungal infection in my crack, it came back just as bad as before.  I'm also having an outbreak of herpes on 3 of my fingers, which is something new.  I still have constant pain in my groin & testes, as well as under my left ribs & fatigued all the time.  Also still sweating like crazy at night & I have severe pain in my knees.  My wife is also having strange symptoms.  Our MD did a CBC on her & her red blood cells "are extremely small", the count is fine.  She also has constant abdominal pain & fatigue, and skin issues of her own.  She refuses to test again.

I just want this to be over!  Either + and have an identified avenue for treatment, or - and the Docs find/fix whatever is happening to me!  I guess I'll know in 3 weeks.

Jeff G:
You are HIV negative .


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