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Loneliness.. I'm yearning for a physical and mental connection with someone grand.

Good guys were hard to come by, if not impossible before HIV, and now my chances have been obsolete, since being POZ. It's driving me crazy. Ya, I've meet some amazing guys during my HIV journey, but either distance or circumstance always happen to get in the way.

I'm only interested in other POZ guys, like myself, so that negative/positive thing ain't in my cards. I don't want the perils of letting other men know my status who can't relate. Not to mention the pending rejection that comes with disclosure.

Is it just me or does shit get way more complicated with HIV in the mix? What's the cure for this? Is there one?

Miss Philicia:
You're doing something wrong. Scoring sex with a fellow pozzer is super easy. It might help if you state where you live. For example, where I live there is a chapter of SIN (Strenght in Numbers). Not a support group per se, more what I would term an "affinity" group -- they have various social activities, etc. And they're all on the lookout for Mr. Right. Basically it's easy to get laid -- finding "someone grand" whatever that means well, IMO half of all HIV+ gay men are bonkers.

Also, you can always do HIV-related volunteer work and meet people that way, plus you're also doing something good in the process. Not everyone doing this is looking for a hook-up, but you're probably more likely to meet boyfriend material. And they're less crazy types.

If you didn't handle dating well before an HIV diagnosis it's not going be any easier afterwards however, but not due to access (unless you live in a very rural area). Maybe you should more clearly explain how you're going about this endeavor.

edit: I see from a previous post that you're 23. Maybe you just haven't acquired a good dating skill set yet, as a general issue.

I feel you shadow blue, I feel the same way. HIV is another obstacle when it comes to dating, its like we are very limited. It is a scary feeling being alone for the rest of your life.

Hey shadowblue and fer00...How about making some good friends you can go to restaurants, movies and parks with.  It can be platonic and you won't feel as if you are alone.  Then if and when sparks fly that will be a very cool experience, whether you are HIV+ or not.

Keep on truckin' :)


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I think you should watch this movie...


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