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Estiva and Avocomb

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Hi Jeff. Just to give an update. My doctor decided to change my meds. Unfortunately, I was having an allergic reaction to the meds I was taking (estiva and combovir). He gave me 5 days so I can flush the meds out of my system and will switch me to my 2nd cocktail this weekend. I hope 2nd try will work smoothly this time.  :D

Jeff G:
I'm happy to hear you are getting this straightened out , please give us an update when you know what meds and how they are effecting you . Best of luck ! .

Just updating, my ID switched my meds to Nevirapine and will still continue to use combovir. I hope this cocktail will for me.

hi, I've been taking my meds for 1 week (Combovir and Nevi). However, I suddenly developed cold and slight cough. No rash or fever though. I checked the "AidsMeds" but it's not one of it's side effects. Should I be worried or will this go away by itself. Not sure because of the weather here.

Paul, it sounds like you have a simple head cold. You're going to get common ailments like sore throats, chest infections, stuffy head, runny nose, tummy bugs, flu, or whatever else hiv negative people get as a matter of routine. Now that you're on meds this stuff is still going to happen, but it has nothing to do with hiv or the meds. It's just part of life. For anyone.

If your illness persists for more than 5-7 days or so or you develop a high fever (HIGH fever), then it's time to see your doctor. Otherwise, just do what you would have done before hiv - namely drink loads of fluids, get plenty of rest and try an over-the-counter remedy to counteract the symptoms.

Not everything that happens to  your body from here on out is going to have anything to do with hiv or the meds. Try to keep that in mind.

Hope you feel better soon.


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