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Hello everyone,

Two days ago we had our Mothers funeral , which was a good one. I am still in my dressing gown wondering if when I will ever get out off it , I am certain that most off you will understand.

I never thought my 92 year old Mothers 3 year decline would mirror so much the deaths in the 80,s early 90,s that I experienced, she thought against dying until her weakness could not cope with the pain killers and rest with eventual death finally occurred.

Feel full off emotion, which I am trying not to block , hopefull that eventually I will sleep just 8 hours a day sometime in the future.

I am hopeful that all off you are in fine fettle , I am pleased to be writting this hello to you all.


Sorry for your loss Michael. :'(
Hang in and take care of yourself.

Jeff G:
My thoughts and condolences are with you Michael . Words seem inadequate at times like this so please know you are surrounded by people who care . Peace be with you . 


Having just lost my mother in February, I understand completely how you feel.

Please know you are in my thoughts. Losing a parent is a very difficult thing.

Sending you very BIG HUGS,


So sorry to hear of your mother's passing. 



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