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I wanted to share exciting news, the launch of a brand new section on POZ - POZ Stories

For years folks have asked us for an opportunity to share their story with the larger POZ community. Between the magazine and current site structure, we only had room for a few. We think we've solved the space problem!

Together, our stories can change the way the world sees HIV/AIDS. When people living with and impacted by HIV/AIDS share their tales of how they personally overcome the hurdles of HIV, it inspires others battling HIV and breaks down the shame, silence and stigma surrounding the disease. The stories of our friends, families, lovers, neighbors, doctors, social workers and peers everywhere also show others that they can get involved in the fight against AIDS.

So, whether you’re HIV-positive or HIV-negative, POZ wants to hear how you are standing up to HIV in your life.

POZ Stories

Jeff G:
I think its an excellent idea and a great way to inspire people to get involved and find opportunity in areas they may not have thought of . Thanks for the announcement .

I know I will be reading it from now on .   

Very Cool! Thanks for doing this!


Great!  Thanks!



                                             Weasel   :-*


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