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My health is good...


I had an appointment the end of March and my cell count is in the 800s and my viral is undetectable again. Then I got a 95% on my psychology mid term. I am doing well. For breakfast this morning I had four chocolate chip cookies and some chocolate milk.
I try to eat nutritiously, but I crave sweets in the morning.
I also see a therapist and I figured out through talking aloud to her that some of my depression can simply be just not paying attention to what I want or need. I need to get help around my house. So I told my husband recently that I need help because school can be a lot of work. He totally surprised me and vacuumed the house and even straightened the closet. I was so surprised when I got home yesterday, my daughter even did the dishes.
Today I have no school, but I do have an essay to write and then my husband is going to attempt to grill a pork shoulder on the barbecue. I can't wait to see how that turns out!


What a great post to read. A+ on the breakfast menu.

This sounds great! I'm glad you are getting the help you needed.


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