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I have just tested positive and seem to be alright with the news though am not very sure if it will last like that forever.  The problem now is i  have told some of my family members and they are mourning me alive.  I really don't know how to handle the situation as its leading to depression to some of them.  How can i let them know that i am fine and am not that worried as they are thinking.  I am physically fit and not on any medication at the moment the only difference is that i now know my status.  I am actually thinking of keeping it to myself because i don't want people to feel sorry for me as if its the end of the world.  Has anyone out there been in this situation.  surely it would make me happy to let people know my status and some people may benefit from my disclosure.

27 give them some time to digest your diagnosis.   Certainly educating them that in current scheme of being hiv in the world is not a death sentence.   You most likely will live just as long as they will...   I hate pity and I hate sympathy.   To rid that you must educate them on what HIV means to you...   I would discontinue disclosing until you get your schpeal polished so you can have an upbeat ending to your disclosure.

Just Sayin,


  I can sort of relate to your situation but I haven't told anyone.  The only ones that know are my doctor and my commanding officer (and she is getting on my nerves).  I came close to telling my bestfriend last night but chickened out. So I am dealing with to myself for right now.


Hello There !,

Welcome!...Sorry to hear that you have tested positive, but you have certainly come to the right place. We are quite the global community here.

Disclosing ones status, can be a very delicate issue. Throughout my 21 years of living with HIV, I have seen those that have been shunned, by their family and friends. I myself, have had those few occasional "friends" that seemed to have disappeared, the minute I had mentioned to them that I was HIV positive. Hell, I had friends of mine years ago, that would have nothing to do with me, when they found out I was gay. Screw them I say !!

I was one of those that immediately told my family and closest friends, that I was positive back in 1985. It was a difficult time for many of them( after finding out ),as it was for myself, but things eventually settled down. And yes, I remember many asking me constantly"how you feeling today"? I understood their concerns, but I really hated that !! I never look back in regret, that I disclosed, when I did, but once again, this is a delicate issue.

As Eric stated you have a lot of information to absorb right now. There is no rush, in disclosing to everyone.Take your time. There is a lesson here on the site, that you may find helpful. Click below :

Also, if you haven't already, I would suggest that you read the lessons, and if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. There will always be someone here to help you out:

Take care of yourself, will be looking forward to hearing more from ya !!


I made the mistake of getting drunk and dislosing to a not very sympathetic audience. Take your time, it'll feel like the right time when you are ready. the real bitch is telling prospective new partners, it's all very well to say if they can't handle it they're not worth it, but it puts added pressure on a new situation. Still. 5 years on I've come to terms with it, just gone on meds having been healthy in the meantime and that does jolt you a bit but you get there. There unfortunately IS still a stigma attatched to HIV diagnosis, a shame but true. Be careful, look after yourself and know that we are all here for you.


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